Girls Boarding Schools for Troubled Youth

The girls that attend our Boarding School receive the best role models through the use of strong positive female role models that our girls are able to learn from each day. Working side by side these young women learn the importance of setting appropriate boundaries when it comes to complex issues such as addictions, substance abuse, promiscuity and more. While the data is pragmatic for the impact of struggling girls in a single-sex treatment center, our stance is these settings set the girls up to fail.

Benefits of Single-Sex Groups and Therapy

This one on one mentoring and single-sex education is something many teenage girls failed to understand growing up. Through the positive role models living and working beside our girls, they are able to point out how to properly react to different situations that may be out of their control.
There have been articles at which cover the differences in an all-girl environment. By teaching our girls to face the world that impacts our lives they learn how to overcome challenges and is why our boarding schools are so effective.

Benefits of Co-Ed Treatment Programs

There is a large amount of pragmatic and empirical evidence available to support the fact that single-sex treatment programs have little,  positive impact on the recovery process and may carry other consequences as well.  Additionally, there is far more research that suggests that a co-ed environment allows all youth the abilities to learn to set appropriate boundaries in a safe environment rather than fail in the real world. contains a study produced by the American Psychological Association which revealed that a single-sex education program does not educate girls or boys any better than what can be accomplished in a co-ed environment. For this reason, the environment we create is how to act appropriately in these situations.

Our P.R.O.M.I.S.E™ principles cover key areas such as Relationship and Intimacy. Not just how they are similar but how they are different. Understanding that it is okay to have a relationship with a member of the opposite gender and not make it an intimate encounter is a benefit for all youth.

 Boarding School for California Girls is different


With our administrative staff of over 20 years of industry knowledge, we have seen first-hand parents looking for a program to give their daughter real-world experiences and implement discipline and structure in this girls life.  Yet the product that is offered by most schools is one where the staff work in rotating schedule,  creating inconsistency and avoid of stability that a family can bring. These girls typically live in dormitories with 15-30 other females which is not a typical living arrangement for a young girl.  We see this model as foreign, non-productive and can even be labeling to your daughter. The need we all feel to be loved in a family environment and a family setting is what makes our boarding schools for troubled California girls unique from our competition. Boarding Schools for girls in California may not be located in your city and may not even be the best option for your daughter. The risk of run-away,  and desired care may not present the best option for your child. We can look at these options and propose a program that could fit your needs.

How does your boarding school for girls work?  Our schools are intentionally located on working ranch’s where girls and their learning families live and are taught first-hand lessons on nature, science, and may be able to get away from the busy California life.  Being able to not only experience something but learning and reading about it makes this product more real and more meaningful., have provided various examples of issues that parents should consider when evaluating their child’s needs. various issues What issues do we face with struggling or troubled teens?

  •  Depression and risk of suicide
  • Anxiety or emotional instability
  •  Behind  in school or unmotivated  to participate
  • Defiance, obsessive behaviors
  •  Tearing others down, bullying and being disrespectful
  • Other issues

What aspects make our model successful?  Unlike most boarding schools which focus on the negative consequences of each student and give demerits much like our failing prisoner systems.  Our program works on the positive principles of happiness through our proprietary model called Soulegria. This program focuses on discovering individual love and respect by finding true joy in life. Understanding how fun can either lead to unconditional happiness or conditional happiness. We do this by having the youth and their families keep commitments we make to ourselves called P.R.O.M.I.S.E principles. Each facet of the P.R.O.M.I.S.E. principle represents an area that was chosen to specifically deal with our daily needs. This program keeps a well-balanced life and demonstrates what happens when we don’t stay balanced.

How do I enroll?
Either call us at  1 (866)573-6548 or submit an application through the parent portal[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Your whole team was professional for my son. So glad we went with Shangria Learning Ranch.

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Today my son wrote a 5 page letter about the things he learned from Tyler. You guys have definitely influenced his life for the better.

CatherineHouston, TX

Glad I was able to get my life back on track. Thanks again.

EricCamarillo, California.
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