Perfect Boarding School Options for California Youth

Boarding Schools in California are much like our population in that they are very unique. Parents in search of the perfect boarding school for their child should consider the specific needs of their child in order to set them up for their success.  Therefore it is very important that we set up or children for success by choosing the right school. Besides that is the premier site that can help you make the right decision for your child so please call us at 866-573-6548

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  • Private Boarding Schools- Behavioral or troubled youth based schools where the students live, receive an education.
  • Leadership Academies- Parents who want their child to exceed the general standard through interactive programs that push the child to its greatest potential.
  • Charter Schools- Local Schools that are typically focused on an alternative education than what is available in the public school system.
  • Therapeutic Boarding Schools-  Children suffering from trauma or other events that may be preventing them from succeeding in society.
Boarding School vs Conventional Charter and Therapeutic Schools?

Some boarding schools are more prepared to deal with learning challenges. Therapeutic boarding schools, for example, may be more skilled at working with a child that has behavior problems or has been expelled from school.  Besides live in Boarding Schools in California only exist if children are willing to attend. Therefore some of the schools assist students that are needing the help in the following areas.


  • Expedited Courses
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Behavioral Conflicts
  • IEP or Special Assitance
How do we signup for a Boarding School or Therapeutic Program?
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  3. A representative will contact you to complete the program enrollment
  4. Set a date for enrollment and Viola. Help is on the way.

Most importantly a Free or reduced travel assistance from the following cities (ask for details) Beaumont,CA  Canyon Lake, CA Hollywood, CA North Hollywood CA, Malibu, CA, North Palm Springs, CA Rancho Mirage, CA San Diego, CA   Temecula, CA, San Francisco, CA, Oakland, CA Sacramento, CA Laguana Hils, CA

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<h4>Boarding School Options?</h4>
<p style=”text-align: left;”>Besides being a specialized service the youth that attends the recommended schools at can assist students that are specifically dealing with the following.</p>

Your whole team was professional for my son. So glad we went with Shangria Learning Ranch.

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Today my son wrote a 5 page letter about the things he learned from Tyler. You guys have definitely influenced his life for the better.

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