Why Elite & Therapeutic vs Traditional Schools?

Elite Boarding Schools are undoubtedly the best of the best.  Parents wanting a more personalized leadership and growth opportunity for their kids will find that experience in an Elite Boarding School. These leadership academies and schools include the most in VIP private care. From  Academic Tutors to Professional Coaches these programs offer the best in accelerated education courses and experiential learning. .

Elite Boarding Schools Are Different Than Traditional Boarding Schools
  • Imagine a small community where everything is an experience and opportunity for learning. An atmosphere where you are being pushed and taught by professional mentors that have real-life expertise. Not just in their field but able to teach and work along side students with these skills. The Shangrila Learning Ranch is the premier location in the country for this type of education. It takes its place as an experiential leadership academy that works on 7 areas of an individuals life. Our P.R.O.M.I.S.E.™  Model focuses on the students
  • Physical – Influence of your appearance  and environment
  • Relationship- Influence others and life
  • Opportunity -Influence of your work and your time
  • Mental -Influence of your mind and confidence
  • Intimacy- Influence of love and affection
  • Spirituality-Influence of a greater purpose in life
  • Emotional- Influence of your well being and stability


This type of elite care is to provide individuals with life-changing, experiences in a learning environment. The scenic and majestic Shangri-La Valley is located at the footsteps of Southern Utah’s Zion’s National Park. Our private and secluded grounds is where you’ll find tree covered walking paths along side flowing streams and fish-filled ponds which add to the natural habitat and feel. There are an abundance of indigenous wildlife, including swans, wild turkeys, geese, ducks, deer, and beaver as well. Horse stables and other domestic animals on site are used to accommodate our naturally flowing therapeutic activities. Our indoor gymnasium and outdoor basketball courts, as well as access to water activities, weight lifting/mma/yoga room, ensure that we have ample opportunities for fun & exercise. Gardening and fresh foods are gathered in season for all to enjoy. Our canyon based location makes this ideal for hiking and exploring the outdoors.

Therapeutic School Objectives
  • We utilize the right balance of self-paced adventure and exploration paired with hard work and experiential activities.
    Each child will have an individualized plan designed to enhance physical, emotional, and personal health and well-being. Your child will participate in creating healthy meals, daily chores and building self-confidence.
  • Our family goal is focused on reuniting the family and strengthening relationships. Getting away from the busy day to day noise to the quite secluded environment so that all can focus on the same goal and purpose. We do this by helping each individual understand how to fulfill their important role in the family dynamics.
  • Our Leadership Program is ideal for families with youth who: are struggling to follow house rules, may be defiant, or have shown to be a potential risk to self or others. This is an alternative to a residential treatment program for youth that have less severe issues but still need help with managing problematic behaviors in the daily environment.

  • As youth are asked to not have electronics initially. This is an ideal opportunity to deal with setting boundaries and rules. Additional assistance can be requested if youth are unwilling or disconnected with the family to the degree that the youth will not participate or would be unwilling to render up devices or travel to the destination and face the family concerns and issues. Please inquire for more information.
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    To ensure all students are thoroughly screened to be a right fit for our program we use a in depth screening system please click to apply here

Your whole team was professional for my son. So glad we went with Shangria Learning Ranch.

LizWest Palm Beach Fl

Today my son wrote a 5 page letter about the things he learned from Tyler. You guys have definitely influenced his life for the better.

CatherineHouston, TX

Glad I was able to get my life back on track. Thanks again.

EricCamarillo, California.
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